Your Best Friend is Vulnerability

The theme of 2013 will be vulnerability.

Vulnerability is your best friend because it’ll allow you to meet your best friend. When you allow yourself to freely express what you are, then it gets easier to meet your kind of people.

Expression is mandatory to make a connection with someone. Any sort of expression takes vulnerability because expression can be shot down. Of course, expression can also be related with or expanded upon.

Friendships and relationships begin once rapport builds into a systematic mutual respect of each other’s expressions.

Vulnerability is what gave me immense improvement over the past 18 months of my life.

It made me meet my best friend. It helped me recontact old friends.

It allowed me to establish interactions with people to talk to them for a few minutes.

Sometimes, it got me hangouts and dates after the initial interaction.

Vulnerability allows confidence to express yourself freely.

When that happens, life really opens up and becomes a true adventure.

The best part about it is you can choose any adventure you want. Of course, keep things safe for yourself and others. Besides that, there are no set rules to your adventure, as it is yours to partake in.

Vulnerability makes your inner adventure a reality.