Upcycling (Lynn Fang @upcycledlove)

July 11, 2011 1PM

I drove to a coffee shop in Menlo Park because Lynn lived around that area.

After looking around for 10 minutes, I found her in line behind me.

We both sat down at a table.

She had tea in a blue cup. I had an iced coffee that I downed in a few minutes.

We started out talking about what brought her up to NorCal. She told me that she was going to a horticulture event later on that week. Then I asked her more about horticulture.

She told me that she would be taking lessons later on in the year. I noticed how passionate she was about the topic. She said, “There needs to be a more sustainable way to produce healthy food.” She told me about the latest advances and how genetically modified foods aren’t good for the environment.

I added quite a bit to the debate because I took a genetics class a couple of years ago that had many documentaries regarding genetically modified foods. “Imagine eating a bag of Doritos. You’re eating modified stuff.” She told me that she was open to eating it if her friends shared some Doritos with her but wouldn’t get it on her own.

We also talked about my whole idea of meeting strangers and I told her about its importance. If you find people from all sorts of beliefs and places, you’ll have a much better understanding of people’s variations in beliefs.

For another three hours, we also chatted about:

– Interracial relationships – Both of our personal experiences with relationships.
– Creation of e-books – I was considering making some while Lynn has a few on her website.
– Other bloggers that she has met herself
– Being near students – We were near Palo Alto after all, which is home to Stanford.
– Both of our personal college experiences.

Check out her work on her website Upcycled Love (Disclaimer: Nothing shared except ideas).

Lynn Fang
Lynn Fang

Thanks for sharing our meetup, Matt! Proof that people with different interests and passions can still find common ground and be friends :) Plus, I suffer from social anxiety as well, so I learned a lot from you too! For example, it's okay to get rejected and have awkward conversations with strangers. So just go for it :)