Day 48&49 (Tips on how to Stay in the Present during Times of Stress)

It has been a long while since I posted. What happened you ask? Well remember that essay I had to write from Day 38? I got a huge rejection by receiving a horrible grade on it. I have to spend my time this weekend revising that essay and studying to make sure I get a good grade in that class (and my other classes).

Besides that essay, I met a couple more people in class and just talked to them. That essay rejection has frustrated me for the past few days so I will leave you with:
Tips on how to keep yourself in the present during times of stress. I’ll use my current essay situation as an example.

1. Enjoy the good moments. When I was talking to my friend, I felt a ton of anxiety from the essay. I took a deep breath and told myself to enjoy the company at that current moment.

2. Instead of getting angry or frustrated at the stressful situation, slowly find a solution. I was really disappointed at myself for the work I did. It wasn’t able the lack of effort though but not understanding the directions. So I have to create a solution for myself. Right after this blog post, I will email teacher assistants in trying to figure out what I did wrong and how to fix it.

3. Don’t jump to scary conclusions! I’ve been stressed for the past couple of days trying to calm my brain down. It’s not good to think about bad consequences when they haven’t even happened yet. It’s not good to think about the possibility of a failing grade.

4. Either throw away that negative thought or use it as motivation to make sure it doesn’t happen. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen so I am going to work extremely hard at making sure I put out my best work into the final draft. I also have to ask for help if I need it.

5. Clear your mind by thinking of something positive. When I felt a huge amount of anxiety, I made sure that I thought of something positive to calm me down. I told myself that spring break will be a great time to relax once I get all this work done.

Other Examples?
-When you have an interview the following day, keep practicing. Don’t think about the possibility of failure. Think about your execution, tone, and mannerisms. Do your best to show that they’d miss out on someone amazing if they didn’t get you.
-When you see the person of your dreams right in front of you. Just blurt out, “Hi.” There’s a good possibility that it may not work out but what if it does? Keep your mind in the present by enjoying the conversation, no matter how small. Keeping yourself in the present will enable you to keep your cognitive capability on the conversation at hand.

When there’s some scary, tedious task lurking around the corner, be sure to stay in the present by not worrying about it and believing that you can overcome the challenge. When the time comes to challenge it, work on the process. Don’t foreshadow what will happen, just do your best.


I have really enjoyed reading through your journey of rejections! This post really demonstrates the fabulous lessons you've learnt along the way - thanks for sharing! I think you are right by saying how important it is to live in the present. It reminds me a lot of animals and children - they never seem too fussed with tomorrow, and the memories of yesterday fade quickly away for them - animals and children are all about the here and the now, today, this moment, this great thing. Any reminder to live more in this manner is a good thing!!


I love how you put a positive spin on a potentially negative situation!