Day 32 Thinking about Unfairness is the Mind-Killer (+5 More Tips)

What can Rejection Therapy do for you?
1. It enables you to figure out what your weakest points are, so that you can work on them. It opens you up so that you can analyze and see what flaws you have. For example, one of my flaws is overreacting to some things at times, so I continue to work on that.
2. It enables you to advance in many aspects of your life. (your career, your dating life, your quality of friends, etc.) When you start talking to people, you never know if you’ll become their best friend or lover, etc. So go out there and get rejected.
3. It enables you to be assertive when something unfair has happened to you (wrong order, wrong amount of change returned, etc.) Be assertive to make sure you do not ever end up being cheated out of a discount or anything else.
4. It enables you to ask things you’d never dream of before. (Who knows if you write that celebrity if they’ll respond?)Even if the chance is remote, asking always puts the chances above not asking.
5. It enables you to be more proactive about your life, instead of sitting around all day doing nothing.Why should I sit around when I could go out there and speak to people?

The first tip of this post definitely occurred to me after the fallout from Day 31. It’s a bit private so I’ll leave yesterday’s events a bit vague.

The weakness of mine is still being unable to take some major disappointments and pushing them side. Sometimes it activates some major brain wiring that made me suffer in the past. It makes me think about the unfairness of the world and about many things I cannot control. Then I realized it is all about creating the life you want to live, no matter how many obstacles you have to overcome. That thought calmed me a bit but this is some major messed up brain wiring so it still hijacked my motivation. I will try to find more ways of exposing myself so that I can overcome the brain wiring.

Rejection: I went back to my grandma to see her at the hospital. I do not know why she cried when she saw me but she cried. That probably made her feel self-pity as she cannot talk. But it still hurt because I triggered that.


Rejection therapy is an interesting concept. I thought about doing it years ago and although I never really practiced it, I kind of do parts of it. You're right about a lot of your conclusions. Saying hello to people is at the very least a nice way to make their days more interesting. Anywho good luck on your self-improvement goals. Anxiety can be a real problem, but its good to see someone taking a proactive approach rather than using drugs or medications. Good ole' fashion hard work is really what people need to do more of.