Day 41 (They Said No Because They Couldn’t Find a Way to Say Yes)

“Don’t take it personally when they say ‘no’ — they may not be smart enough to say ‘yes’.” – Keith Olbermann

When someone says no to me, it still stings a little bit. I am only human. Therefore, I have some sort of an ego remaining. To combat that, I do my best to find another opportunity and try again. Maybe the first person had a bad day, had a misunderstanding, or just did not want to comply with the request. If someone says no, try with someone else. There’s billions of people (literally) out there waiting for you to talk to them!
Note: Always remember that there are many external factors that cause them to say no. It has nothing to do with you personally.

The bus was 15 minutes late. I could not believe it. Anyways, I went to class a bit frustrated due to that. I listened to the lecture for about 50 minutes until break arrived. I realized the girl next to me was not doing anything. I asked her, “Hi, do you want to study Tuesday or Wednesday?” Her response was, “Yeah…sorry, I can’t do that. I am not available at that time.” Due to her tone of voice, I felt it was a rejection. I understand because I did not give her a reason to say yes except if she mutually needed to study with someone as much as I did. In her case, it did not seem to benefit her much, so she said no. There’s nothing wrong with that. My ego and brain did feel a bit odd though as I am cranky in the morning. It happens, I am still human.

After class, it was down-pouring. The bus was packed with students and I had to stand. There was this lady who stood next to me. I did not think that much of it. I rode the bus until it was an exit before my stop. For some reason, I decided to eat at Wendy’s. It’s a fast food place.

I left the bus one stop early to go there. I went there and ordered my food. Then behind me in line is the girl who I saw on the bus. I decided to give myself a chance. I tapped her shoulder and said, “Hi, didn’t I see you on the [insert bus route] bus?” She replied with, “Yeah.” Then I asked her how her day was going and she said she had work. After that, I was honest with her and said, “It would be nice to get to know you sometime, do you have a facebook?” She gave it to me without hesitation. A very good failed rejection. Yes, even fast food places can bring opportunities.

Then I went to my second class. Nothing happened there. I just had to sit through another lecture. On the bus ride back, I was talking to my roommate. Then I smiled towards someone I knew from a couple of my classes. She was always in the same bus because we always had the same classes. Then I realized it was another opportunity. I said in a loud voice, “How did you do on the essay?” (Yes, the one I almost fainted to by frantically writing it on Day 39 and 40). She said she was happy it was done with. We asked each other about what articles we wrote about. Then I asked her for her facebook. “Do you want to study Tuesday or Wednesday?” She said sure but gave me her phone # instead because of the logistics. That’s how you make another opportunity into a failed rejection.

Opportunities are everywhere. Stay on the lookout for them!