Day 35 (There is No Perfect Moment; There are only Moments You Make)

“If you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured, it may never arrive.” -Maurice Chevalier

The only moments that really make you feel alive are those when you’re willing to take the risk. The full potential of life starts when you exit your comfort zone. There is no wrong time to leave your comfort zone. Whenever you are taking a risk, unexpected things happen. The conversation could get awkward, a friend may show up making you the 3rd wheel, your boss may become busy, the person could be walking away from you, etc. The solution is to merely accept those unexpected events and continue towards what you want to achieve. Exit your comfort zone knowing that you are truly living, not just existing.

Today, I was waiting at the bus stop and there was a ridiculous amount of loose paper on the ground. I decided to pick them up. Then another guy even joined me on throwing stuff away! I decided to make that moment happen. That was a warm up to just take action.

I arrive at my first class. I realize my roommate is sitting next to someone. I’m curious if my assertiveness has rubbed off on him. I hope so. He introduces me to his friend. I decide to chat her up about how she did on the exam and we both shared that we could have done better. I decided to make that moment happen.

I saw the girl from Day 28 coming out of class. I did not even stop to think. I said, “Hey, [insert her name]!” She said, “Hey.” Little did I know she was on the phone. I walked along realizing that she was trying to find where her friend was located. The timing was terrible! However, I waited until she finished talking. Then I asked her if she had a facebook. She said she had one. Then, her friend came by. So in front of her friend, she gave me her e-mail. The timing of the moment could not have been worse. Or was it really? I had no control of any external influences. I had control of my own internal reaction to what was happening around me. I decided to make that moment happen. There is room for improvement; I could have said hi to her friend but I ran off with the e-mail instead. It happens. Oh, by the way that was a failed rejection.

I enter my second class and realize all the seats next to my friend are taken. I make an inside joke with her as I walk by and sit on the other side of classroom. I decided to make that moment happen.

I had to leave early because I totally forgot about the quiz during the lab section. Once I studied for the quiz, I looked at my phone. I realized my friend had left me a text saying if everything was okay. That was the moment I decided to keep making moments happen.

As for the rejection: Many people got bonus points on the midterm exam on a question that I got right. Therefore I got no extra points like many others did. It actually made me frustrated enough to e-mail the instructor. Stay tuned to find out his reply.