The World is Smaller Than Ever: Use it to Your Advantage

Day 14 of Awkward Moments Experiment.


October 24, 2011. 5:10PM.

I sat in my class and noticed a girl next to me who looked really familiar. I couldn’t put my mind onto who it was so I decided to ask, “Hi, you look familiar. What’s your name again?”

She hesitated at first and looked at me curiously. Then she said her name. Then it hit me. She’s the girlfriend of one of my relatives.

Crazy, small world.

I told her that I knew her boyfriend because he was related to me.

She laughed and we ended up talking about him while walking out of class and on the bus as well.


The world is incredibly small with the internet and the connections all around you.

Use that to your advantage by:
-Noticing friends of friends around you.
-Finding people who are alike on the internet.
-Knowing that if you make a mistake, you will probably never see that person again.