Day 65 (The Wall; Grinding Out of It)

“People who have a built-in all-purpose excuse (middle child syndrome, wrong astrology sign, some slight at the hands of the system long ago) often end up failing–they have an excuse ready to go, so it’s easier to back off when the going is rough.” – Seth Godin, May 26th 2011.

Ever have a time when you thought that creating a metaphorical wall (e.g. just another form of a “comfort” zone) would make you feel comfortable with yourself? Didn’t it make you feel stagnant instead?

One of my favorite albums is Pink Floyd’s The Wall. It’s about a boy named Pink (haha, funny) and through many negative experiences throughout his childhood and teenage years, ends up constructing a metaphorical wall to make himself safe from harm’s way. However, did that metaphorical wall safe him from any negative emotions? No it didn’t.

So why am I talking about this? It’s because I experienced this for the past week. I’ve created many excuses that symbolize that metaphorical wall.

I bet many of you had a week where you didn’t want to go out. Maybe you just wanted to sleep the week off. Or you didn’t want to interact with people.

I had a list of excuses as to why I’ve hit the wall:
-My sleeping pattern hasn’t existed for a couple of weeks, thanks to essays and exams and that evil potion that people call caffeine.
-I’m a shy fool because I can’t speak for crap.
-Do I even look normal to anybody?

These excuses and insecurities are downright terrible but that’s what happens sometimes.

All these types of negative reinforcements are there to combat my mission here to create opportunities.

I decided to imagine a light switch and turn those damn negative thoughts off.

I called up all the people I could to hang out with.
I asked my friends from Day 47 to hangout with them. They agreed. Accepted.
My other close friend who planned to hangout with me on Friday forgot that it was a 3-day weekend, so she had to cancel last minute. However, we agreed on another date. Delayed.
Other friends also delayed their hangout day due to other plans.
Even Jason Shen, who lives in San Francisco, couldn’t accept my offer because he was out of town! Delayed.

However, putting myself out there enabled me to express that I did, in fact, want to hangout with them.

When negative thoughts are starting to create a metaphorical wall, then it’s time to grind your way out of it.

Even the smallest offer to hangout with someone can change the momentum of those feelings.

Being able to hangout with my friends from Day 47, albeit very simple, gave me more of that inspiration to create that second wind for myself to create more rejections.

On top of that, I don’t want to become a hypocrite!

So don’t get down on yourself when you start creating excuses; just be sure to get out of that mindset as quickly as possible. Even a tiny, positive request can enable you to get out of that wall.

Grind out of it at whatever rate you can.