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The Revival

After the past calmed me and put in a meditative-like state, I decided to continue on with my journey.

March 1st 2012

The bright sun on my college campus decided to shine throughout the bike paths and onto the buildings. It was a lovely spring day to stroll around. I was the wallflower, just walking around in the background, adding another layer of static to the scenery.

I noticed all these people around me walking around, doing what they had to do in their day. I thought to myself, “What is holding me back from talking to these people?” I did Rejection Therapy and met strangers from Twitter. I was proud of doing those things. Then it clicked in my mind. I had to combine the two concepts together and meet people walking around me on the spot.

I was going to chat with them.

I decided to go to the cafe to have a cup of coffee. It gave the energy but I was still anxious to partake in my own challenge.

After going to classes, I decided to take one more break. I went off campus and into a small pub, where I had one beer.

All of a suddenly the enlightened clarity hit me. I felt an absolute wave of calm and focus.

This would lead me to chat with strangers all around campus.