The Girl with the Brown Wool Cap

March 07 2012 2:40PM

I walk around on a nice spring afternoon.

I notice a girl sitting near the overpass with her intriguing brown wool cap.

“Hey, that cap looks really interesting. It would be cool to talk to you.”

She smiles and says yeah sure.

We end up talking about that brown cap for a couple of minutes. I recall her stating that it was made from an old dress. Her friend recycled a brown dress and ended up knitting it into a brown wool cap.

She tells me she was 24 and a fifth year super senior. She also states that she took a year off to try culinary school in New York City where she ended up living in a closet.

Her blue eyes light up at the mention of having to reside in a small closet. She seemed really proud of this particular fact about her life. She told me it was an amazing experience and she would’ve done it again. She definitely was the adventurous type.

However, she decided to go back to campus to study film. She wanted to do a documentary on GMOs in our food supply. I tell her that it’s an important issue regardless of where one stands with it. The majority of some of our crops are genetically modified so it would be great to see a documentary on it.

We talked about that for a couple of minutes.

Then I told her I had to get going and wanted to chat with her again. I asked for her number.

She gave it and we both smiled. Then I went on my way.

The lesson of the post is: tell your story as well. During the 15 minutes, I rarely talked about myself. I didn’t allow myself to be vulnerable which made her lack incentive to contact me in the future. She never answered the couple of times I tried to contact her. Make yourself interesting enough to be attractive.

Dancing on Ice
Dancing on Ice

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