The Crossroads

March 2012

The bright grey gloom around me felt overwhelming in its juxtaposition. The notorious San Francisco fog was hovering and lingering for this day. Many tourists, locals, and waves of people were filtering around the Ferry Building looking at all of the independent shops within its components. I waited around until Andrew Caldwell popped out of nowhere in this dizzying wave of colors, emotions, and movements.


We both seem to be playing a Where’s Waldo? game because it takes us a couple of minutes to find one another. It isn’t easy when neither one of us is wearing a striped red and white shirt.

We enter the Peet’s coffee inside the Ferry Building because coffee is a beautiful remedy.

Andrew laughs and tells me how ridiculous Americans are with their addiction to coffee. I laugh and tell him, “It’s one amazing addiction.” A kind gesture occurs where he pays for my coffee and I figure that’s just his vacation money budget.

Cheers mate!

Afterwards we end up hanging around the area where you have a grand view of the lesser known Bay Bridge. The one that connects San Francisco to Oakland. It is interesting when a couple of girls come by to ask Andrew to take their picture with Instagram. Who knew 6’5 and an Australian accent would help me figure out that this Instagram app would become a big hit.

He talks about figuring out what city he could build a potential startup in. He just so happened to find himself in San Francisco as his first international city in his trip that would end up spanning multiple months across four different continents and crazy adventures.

The rest of the interaction becomes a walking tour of the Mission District where we shared ideas and thoughts about our near futures. I talk to him about my blog being a means to gather my ideas on paper to figure out the next course of action. He speaks about his past experiences in the working world and his recent trip across Australia. He wants to see many cities around the world to try out the traveler lifestyle and figure out if he would want to reside in any of the cities he would travel to.

He also tells me about the blogging community and the bloggers that he wants to meet. I agree with him about the type of bloggers that seem authentic. At this point in the thick, atmospheric fog he uses his cynical wit to help me understand the motivations behind people and what determines success. It all seems a bit vague but delivery is just as important as authenticity.

This would be a crossroads for my personal blog because this interaction would slowly change my mission towards meeting people. This would be a crossroads for him as he would figure out his own conclusions about traveling through the months.

A small interaction at two people’s crossroads can change things for the better, even if it is absolutely tiny. At the very least it helps me write around 500 interesting, vivid words and at best I find moments to discover.

Right before the interaction ends and the BART train hums and echoes through the underground station, Andrew tells me that “You’re beyond your years.” I thank him as he disappears through the closing doors of the train.

[Note: You can find Andrew Caldwell at his about me and Twitter.]