The Awkward Conversation

This is Day 3 of the Awkward Moments Experiment.

[Everyday for 30 days, I’ll be doing something that’s awkward to me that also benefits others.]


September 22, 2011. 9:50AM

I was on the bus pondering about my final school year. There were students everywhere and I felt nervous and anxious. It’s a huge university, where 30000 students attend class.

(Note: I’m an introvert that reacts in an sensitive way to numerous stimuli and as time goes on in that stimuli, I settle in. It takes me about 30 minutes.)

There are millions of opportunities around me, as I’ve learned from my previous year.

The only question is, “Will I take those chances?”

As I was thinking these things, I noticed the people’s faces all around me subconsciously.

I walked to class and sat at the front area.

I couldn’t believe that I heard a full 80 minute lecture without caffeine. That’s a first.


After class, I recognized one of my old acquaintances from last year. I said hi to her and talked about both of our classes for a bit before we split up.

(That was light momentum.)


I walked towards the bus to go back to my apartment to grab lunch when I noticed one of the faces that I recognized from the bus ride in the morning.

So while both of us are walking back towards the bus:

I asked her, “Hi, aren’t you from my Psychology class? (I state the class number).”

She says, “Yeah.”

(Here’s the awkward twist: I didn’t really care so I waited 3-5 seconds between each reply.)

I say, “Oh cool. What do you think of the Professor?”

She says, “Yeah he’s cool. One of my roommates took his class before and he isn’t that bad.”

I say, “Cool. So is this your final year?”

She says, “Yeah, how bout you?”

I say, “Yeah same.”

Due to the 3-5 second wait time (and nothing else to talk about), she already pulled her iPhone out and was looking at it.

*In my mind, I laughed. I could’ve flirted with her or did something interesting to bring her back to the conversation (commented on her excessive blush makeup, shoved her, joked with her) but I wanted to start lightly on the first day of classes.

The talk ended there.

-I felt awkward enough having to wait to reply to her.
-To benefit her, I’ll probably find her in class again and ask to study with her.


lol - not so awkward Matt. If you had shoved her - awkward!