Day 62 (Thank You ThinkSimpleNow)

I know everyone has had a time when they submitted something online that could potentially be used on another site. Here’s my example:

“Hi Matt,
My name is John. I am one of the editors & contributors for TSN in charge of article submission.

I’ve reviewed your submission. I appreciated the honest sharing in your writing. At this time, I don’t feel that it’s the best fit for TSN, and we won’t be featuring this article. Please feel free to use this article on your blog.

Thanks again for the submission and your support of TSN.”

I appreciated that they took the time to read my submission and reject me in a matter of three days. Looking back on it now, I could use the core of that article as inspiration for future newsletters. Or I could send it in to other websites.

There are many solutions out there waiting to be discovered by people like you.

Think to yourself, what could you do after you’ve been rejected like that?

I could give out typical, vague tips. However, I know you have it in your mind to figure out the solutions to your potential proposals.

Here’s to continuing to take those chances.