The Fleeting (Interaction)

There are people in real life or online who will be in the moment with their interactions. For example, I had a nice 28 tweet exchange with @rvxn about a week ago.

It was a fleeting conversation with no guarantee of anything more.

These fleeting interactions are the only promise of this art form. It has no celebration of accomplishment. Even if it turns into friendship or whatever sort of relationship, it is what it is in the moment. Barring a photograph or recording, there is no physical evidence for that interaction happening except in your own mind.

But we need to take advantage of fleeting moments. They’re the bridges to different worlds of people. There’s something mystical about that.

Twitter is simply one of the many enablers and recorders in this highly connective human era, so why not use it?

How Chris Brogan and Julien Smith Tweeted Me: The Power of Connectivity

On Thursday, I wrote a post called Awkward Moments Experiment to prove that awkwardness isn’t so bad. I posted that I’d start on the day my classes begin, which is Sept. 19.

I had a few re-tweets from some of my readers who counted themselves in and liked the experiment.

Then something very subtle happened.

Sarah wrote this tweet to me.

She commented that my post was quite like Julien’s latest post on Guts. Fortunately, the two posts were published on the same day and ended up relating well to one another.

A few hours later, Julien re-tweeted my post because of Sarah’s tweet that @mentioned both of us.

It made me smile to know that he liked the post enough to re-tweet it. It also gave me a few more followers.

The following day (Friday), Chris Brogan also re-tweeted my twitter username based on Julien’s recommendation.

In one minute, 25 new people followed me. I gained many new followers from that simple tweet.

Unknowingly, she ended up connecting me to more than 50 new followers in a day, the New York Times Bestselling authors of Trust Agents (not an affiliate link), and that feeling that evades all of us at times: an elated mood.

It still makes me happy looking back on what happened.

It’s a perfect example of how anyone (big or small, A-lister or someone just starting) can make a greater impact than they imagine.

Something as small as tweeting someone else’s work could create a huge impact. All of those things happened because Sarah gave one minute of her time to give that simple tweet.

That’s why it’s so powerful to connect and share ideas with others. Even if you only connect with one person, that one person could create a chain reaction that spreads to so many other people.

Please share this idea, so others learn how powerful they truly are. All they need to do is share ideas and connect with one another.