Day 24 (Studying or How I Destroyed my Left Hand)

Today is Sunday. It’s always tough to find a way to get rejected on a Sunday. There are no classes; your only bet is to go to a coffee shop. Luckily, that’s exactly where I went. I got my usual regular coffee but before that I asked the clerk, “Can I have a free coffee?” She replied with, “If my boss was here he’d probably be okay with it but it’s not in my authority.” So that was a rejection but she really tried to tone it down. People really hate saying no it seems. It’s just curious to me.

However, that was one just for fun. I brought my books to study but forgot a pen on purpose. I had to ask the old lady next to me if she had a pen I could borrow. She let me borrow hers and then I gave it back after 5 minutes. About 30 minutes after that, she went up to buy herself another drink. Little did I know she would place a pen right on my notes. She smiled and I gave one in return. That was a cute failed rejection. Later on she asked me for help with some computer things and I suggested some advice to her to help her out.

Then I went on a rampage of re-writing my notes for four hours. Yes, that’s my way of studying.

I destroyed my left hand because I write left-handed. Fourteen pages of notes re-written can take its toll.