Stop Being a Damn Zombie (and Collect Tasty Rejections)

Day 13 of the Awwkard Moments Experiment.

October 13, 2011. 2:40PM.

I enter the bus and scan around for an empty seat. I take the only seat left.

I observe the people around the bus.

The zombies are all out in full force, sitting around, playing on their iPhones, and being bored out of their minds.

Let’s play a little game called, “Stop Being a Damn Zombie.”

I see the person next to me has a teal cover on their Blackberry.

I say quickly, “Hey, you don’t see a teal cover on a phone everyday.”

The two people in the row in front of me look back with some sort of shock. Then they go back into their own world.

The girl next to me laughs and I smile back.

I blatantly ask her questions about her Technocultural Studies major, why she ditched Biology, what she was going to do with that major, and how ridiculous that major is if they’re not even talking about G+.

The point is I didn’t care to speak about myself because let’s face it: People want to speak about themselves.

I’m here to kill boredom. I’m here to break the silence of the zombie bus.


I’m pretty sure she’s intrigued as this point so let’s do something hilarious.

“Hey, so my bus stop is next. Let’s meet again to have you talk about this awesome major of yours.”

Thanks to Steve Jobs, I hand my iPhone to her on the notes app. She types her e-mail.


The following day: I write an e-mail to her.

Her reply:
“Hi I can’t make it this week. I have exams and my boyfriend is going to take me out. Sorry!”

Makes me smile and laugh every time.

Want to stop the zombie in your life? Talk to people.

-Maybe you’ll never talk to them ever again except that one time.
-Maybe you’ll make a friend.
-Maybe you’ll gain a resourceful person.
-Maybe you’ll get the cold shoulder.

I know one thing. It sure takes out the zombie element of the day.