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Hi there.

If you want to talk to people you find interesting while doing it respectfully then this is the blog to read.

The methods are a little out there because that’s the point of being courageous, accepting awkwardness, and someone who makes their own opportunities to communicate with others.

Below are some general posts that support my viewpoints while specific people I interacted with is under the Past Approaches tab.

My philosophy:

Follow Your Obsessions (Respectfully)
Who Else Wants Infinite Opportunity?
Rejection Therapy Saved My Soul


What Everybody Ought to Know About Social Conditioning
On Overthinking (Three Ways to Stop)

Guest Posts:

It Has to be You by Niall Doherty
Take Your Bow by Benjamin Spall
What Do You Think You Know and How Do You Think You Know It? by Vlad Dolezal

More posts will be posted as this gets updated.

Updated 7/15/14