Sharing Positive Energy

Day 17 of Awkward Moments Experiment


When your only goal is to spread positive energy around then you can never be disappointed.

November 8th, 2011. 11:00AM.

I finished my midterm and walked out of the classroom. I was walking through the hallways when I saw a girl that felt interesting to talk to. I awkwardly stated I would hang around for a few minutes while waiting for the bus.

I sat down and had a good conversation with her for about 10 minutes. We discussed her Sociology major and how she was from the LA area. (So many people are from LA that it was starting to make me laugh.) I got her Facebook.

I was attracted to her and wanted to see where it would go.

The awkward part occurred when her Facebook told me she was in a relationship with another girl, which caught me off guard.

Yes, I was hitting on a lesbian, which actually makes me smile. From her point of view, I bet she was happy that she can attract both sexes.

From my interactions, I’ve learned that college folks come from so many backgrounds and so many different places. Everyone has their own diverse taste and ideas.

It’s a microcosm for real life. Even if people appear to be something, you must actually speak to them to find out their quirks.

But I definitely made her day less boring with that conversation, so I’m pleased with myself. I shared the positive energy.