Day 26 (Seriously, No One Has Gum?)

I had a midterm today so I had to study with my studying buddy (who happens to be someone I met from day 10). It is proof that just putting yourself out there can make good things happen.

By the time we finished studying, I had to go to my first class and then go to my second class to take the midterm today.
So I didn’t really have anytime to conjure up any amazing rejections or anything. I just felt amazing not really being inside my head. For the first time in a week, I didn’t really care about any outcomes. (This past week was probably the second wind of my anxiety trying to stop me from continuing the Rejection Therapy process.)

I felt great once I finished the midterm, I felt extremely light. So I looked around and simply started asking people for gum. I really wanted some because my mouth felt uncomfortable due to all the excess soda I had to get myself ready for the midterm. So on my walk from the classroom to the bus:
1. I asked a guy who was next to the building. He said sternly “no”. Rejection.
2. I asked two ladies who were trying to watch video on a mobile phone just standing right off the crosswalk. They both said, “no, sorry.” One actually commented that she wanted a piece as well. I told her I know what she meant because I has this really weird distasteful feeling in my mouth. However, I needed to get going so I thanked them and walked on. Pretty funny rejection.
3. I asked a lady on the bench who was reading a book. She stated that she didn’t have any. She smiled and almost laughed at the fact that someone asked this. Another charming rejection.
4. I asked a guy who was looking at the poster boards near another building. He was just finishing eating when he finally said, “nope, I don’t have any.” Rejection.
5. I asked two people sitting at a table both on their macs. They both said no sorry with regretful faces. Double Rejection.
6. I asked a guy while I was walking towards my seat on the bus. He seemed shocked and said he didn’t have any on him. Rejection.

Bonus: I took my seat and to my luck, there was this extremely loud girl who sat next to me with her friend. She was elated that she received an iphone 4. I would be excited too so I could understand. However, she was pretty loud the whole bus ride through. She was probably the antithesis of everything I look for in a girl.
However, I could careless. It was just my realization that I finally didn’t care about people’s actions, even if it could possibly annoy me. It was my choice to ignore it. I rejected my own negative thoughts about this girl.

I realized people will stop what they’re doing if you simply ask them assertively for something. Just be sure to do it within 3 seconds or else it starts looking weird or creepy if you’re just there being idle.
I wanted to do this to practice the ability to stop over-analyzing the situation and just go for what I want. I did have a moment of doubt when I entered the coffee area but some places are more comfortable than others.