Berkeley, CA June 30th 2013

At a small cafe, I met a kind gentleman and we discussed robots for two hours.

We talked about the robots that already used algorithms to “communicate” with one another.

So much of our daily lives already has robotics all around it.

It’ll be interesting to see how much they’ll dictate our lives in the next 20 years or so.

I wonder if they will become fully autonomous. Will they be friendly? Will they be less than friendly? Only time will tell.

The best argument that this gentleman had was that it would be neither.

I fully agree with him in this regard.

If it were my opinion, robots would cause us harm based on no morals.

He argued that since robots have no real morality at this point in time, if they were to continue on the path of gaining intelligence then it would come down to indifference.

If they are trained to find and experiment with something the robots could easily experiment with something that indirectly also harms us.

A little less than ideal of course but not so malicious either.

It was an interesting chat at the cafe and we shall see how the robots turn out.