Day 44 (Reuniting With an Old Friend is Hilarious) +Tips to Reunite with Them!

“A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked” – Bernard Meltzer

Have you ever wanted to talk to an old friend?
Have you ever wanted to see how someone you have not seen for a year or two has turned out?

It is extremely simple in this day and age to catch up with someone that you have not seen for a year or longer. Thanks to facebook, all it takes is a simple post and some basic information to reunite with that person.

1. Find a place that has a lot of people to ensure safety. Starbucks or any other coffee place is the best bet. I always find that a great place because people like getting coffee while ensuring that there are enough people to feel comfortable.

I decided to hang out with someone from my old high school. That means I have not seen her for three years. It was interesting to test the concept of having no expectations because when you do not see someone for three years, you do not know how well you two will get along. We met at a table near Starbucks. She ended up ordering lemon pound cake. She shared some with me. I forgot how amazing that pound cake was.

2. Don’t have expectations about what will happen and just let it happen. I did my best to accept anything that would happen. The first few minutes are the most interesting because it is all about trying to find an interesting topic to talk about.

We explored an area that was reminiscent of high school because it was the best hangout spot for high school. It was interesting how that worked out. There was Starbucks, Borders (which is closing down), Michael’s, and Best Buy. All these stores reminded me of my time in high school. It was hilarious.

3. Try to find a common interest that makes both people laugh and have fun! Once you find a topic that both people are interested in then continue to talk about it! My friend actually enjoyed it when I talked about using this rejection therapy to take more risks and chances. She related to it because she wanted to start doing it too. She also told me some of her own situations that could have counted for being rejected. The funny thing on top of it all was that someone passed by that had the sweater of our old high school.

After that, I decided to tell her about a game that I played before with some people. The game is funny because it pretty much has the person answer some questions. Then the questioner can interpret the person’s answers in so many ways that it makes total sense to them. It is sort of like a horoscope. For example, one question was, “How is the weather going?” She answered with cloudy. I told her that her mood was a bit so-so currently. It is really open to interpretation.

She really liked how funny and hilarious the game was, so she wanted to write down all the rules. However, both of us did not have a pen. So I went into Starbucks and asked them for a pen. The barista handed the pen to me without any second thoughts. That was a handy failed rejection.
I re-told her all the rules to the game. After that, we both decided it was time to go.

No one was at the cashier register when I re-entered so I placed the pen back on the counter.
As I went back out, I asked my friend if she wanted to take a photo. She faked a no but said sure afterwards. She told me to ask the guy standing at the table next to us to take the picture. I asked him and he said sure as well. He took the picture. Then everyone went on their own way. In addition, I left with two more failed rejections.

Today was fun.
All it takes is sending an old friend a facebook message! Good things may come out of it.