Day 33 (Reinforcement and Credit)

This is a good time to reinforce tip #3 of my 5 tips yesterday, (Day 32).

Before that I’ll give a quick rundown of my day:
-I went to my first class with my roommate, who also has the same class as me. On the way there, I saw the girl from Day 28 behind us. So I decided to talk to her. We chatted a bit about how our exam went and joked that the professor should curve it! Then she went on about how she had a slingshot ready for the professor. Sounds a bit odd here but it was pretty hilarious in the specific context. Then I showed her the short way to get to class, as she took a longer route. That was another funny inside joke. Then we made it to class. I decided to not sit with her and with my roommate instead because I felt tired. In retrospect, it was a good decision because I napped during certain parts of class. I’ll probably ask for some sort of contact info in a couple of days. The out of comfort zone feeling was there due to my roommate being near the situation. Imagine getting rejected in front of someone you personally know! I feel their presence more than any random stranger. It was a subtle failed rejection because I was able to do something risky in the presence of someone I know personally.
-I went to my second class and had a blast talking to my friend that I made from Day 10 and studied with on Day 26. There was a lot of arguing about which of our favorite football teams were better. It is not a rejection anymore because I am fully comfortable with her now. Putting yourself out there enables friendships with people you would never have imagined.

So tip #3 from yesterday is to be assertive when you feel that you have been short changed out of a deal. Today was a great day to challenge that. I ordered an Ipod shuffle for $45 on amazon. After a day or two, the price dropped to $40. I decided to see if I could get some sort of credit for this difference. I called customer service. The operator listened to my story with welcoming ears. She put me on hold for 5 minutes to discuss the situation with resource management. She returned and told me that I would be credited with the $5 difference. That was a failed rejection but I got the fair price for my item.