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Reflections (From the First Year)

Reflecting back on an experience, a task, or a blog can help you go forward with more clarity.

This blog has gone through many changes throughout its first year hosted on this URL. The header changed. The main themes of the content changed. Many things changed. I just updated the layout yesterday as well.

I remember when I took the leap a year ago. I had no idea what to expect and where this blog would go. It’s been a wonderful ride full of ups and downs.

-I had 5000 views in a day from having one of my posts go viral.
-I have 20 loyal views from yesterday.
-I received over 60 comments on my awkward moments blog post.
-I had many posts with 1 amazing comment.
-I have met people doing all sorts of things all over the world.
-I got lost within my own writer’s block.
-I did my best to be honest.
-I had quite a few guest post opportunities.
-I received rejections from many top sites regarding my blog.
-I enjoyed every unique email in my inbox.
-I enjoyed all 25 of them.

Is year one a success? It depends on what my definition of success is. If I define success as gaining experience and learning from the ups and downs, then I would say it has been a great success. Now it’s on to year two.

Reader: Think about your life one year ago. What positive and not so positive things has happened in your life, blog, etc.? Remember you always have the ability to change that idea to a positive experience.