Day 42 (Rain, Rain Go Away? It Didn’t.)

“The words you choose to say something are just as important as the decision to speak.” -Author Unknown

Have you ever had a time when something did not go to plan because of ineffective communication?

Today was definitely that day for me.

Today was one of the worst days in terms of weather. The rain did not stop pouring.

Before I left, I decided to ask my roommate to borrow his umbrella. It was courteous of him to lend it to me but he did. That was a nice failed rejection to start the day.

I went to campus early because I was going to give my notes to the girl from Day 28 and study for the midterm coming up next week. However, we decided to communicate through facebook. That was a big mistake. I am one of the few human beings that live without an iphone, so I did not have a way to look for her and check if she left a facebook message at the same time. I did not have her phone number.

I looked for her and kept looking. I walked from the coffee area (which was packed!) to the library and back twice. I still could not find her. After 45 minutes, I messaged her and told her that we should just meet in class. She was sitting in front of the classroom. I told her what had happened. I asked for her phone number and joked that I could not imagine how it must have been in the 80s and early 90s when people did not have cell phones yet. She agreed to give it. Another failed rejection. I gave her my notebook to take notes from but she declined. It was an odd rejection because had it been for better means of communication, I could have studied and built rapport. She did offer to study at a later date, so stay tuned.

Moral of today’s story: Have their phone number so you can call or text them. This is especially important when you have a study group or meeting when there are hundreds of people in the same building (thanks to the rain!)

I also offered 4 people gum. Three more rejections and one failed rejection.

*Also, I need more ideas on how to get rejected! Please send me ideas at 30vanquish [at] gmail [dot] com! It would add more pressure for me (a good thing) by making me do your (the readers!) creative, quirky ideas!