On Momentum

[Thank you for MLK for all that he did. Monday was a holiday that celebrated him in the United States, so I decided to write for Tuesday this week.]

After my success with directness, I used momentum to build it into success. I was fully confident in myself during these couple of days so I truly believed goodness would come out of it.

April 6th 2012, 1:00PM.

I saw an attractive girl on the bus with me right before I was headed to the grocery. I hopped off the bus when I was going to the grocery store and it so happened that she was going there as well. After a few minutes shopping around, I caught her on the way out walking towards my apartment complex. I told her, “Hey. It seems you’ve been going with me around on the bus and to the grocery.” I delivered that in the most sarcastic and light-hearted tone as possible.

She laughed a lot and seemed really interested at this point. We talked a bit about our majors and interests before she headed to another part of the apartment complex. I told her she was really fun to talk to so I’d like to continue it some other time. She agreed and handed me her phone to put my number in. When you’re feeling the magic, let the magic happen. This proved to me that I made a positive impact in her day by making it fun.

April 6th 2012, 4:30PM.

I just finished one of my classes and I was heading home towards the bus. In the corner of my eye, I see another extremely attractive girl that raises my vitals. I trust myself to be extremely honest with her. I say “Hi” and smile. She smiles back. Everything felt honest so I said everything how it was.

“Rather than regretting letting the opportunity to talk to you go by, I decided to take this one moment that I may run into you and talk to you.” She blushed heavily and lit up. We talked for five minutes about multiculturalism in California through stories and her Spanish major. It seemed like both of us enjoyed the interaction so I asked her to hang out again and she agreed.

The momentum helped me because I trusted myself and had the courage to talk to whom I wanted to talk to.

Momentum takes discipline because you can’t be content with one positive interaction. You have to keep going to show different people what you’re offering. In my case, I’m offering fun and a good conversation in the middle of the day to defy the boredom of routine. If this went well, I wanted to hang out again. In these two cases, it happened that way. In other cases, I talked with whomever, male, female, two or three people, and let the conversation flow for however long it was without any need for a certain outcome to happen.

[Disclosure: Many of my latest posts describe my interactions with women in March and April of 2012 because it was something I did to respect myself and to understand that all people are polite enough to talk to, so it was up to me to personally see how it went. I want to share this with everyone to show how to talk to anybody you want to respectfully and honestly.]