On Incompatibility

Roadblocks in the physical world are usually things that block a road like cones or fences.

Roadblocks in the metaphorical world include incompatibility.

There is a reason why people who differ in style, outlook in life, and other avenues don’t hang out with one another. They are incompatible.

About a week ago, I thought I reunited with an old friend. I thought of her as a really good person.

It seemed like the text conversation was going well as we were beginning to catch up. Then out of nowhere she wrote to me that, “Your strange is too strange for me.”

It was probably a couple of years later than I needed it. For the past couple of years, there was a lack of reciprocation with the friendship. It came down to incompatibility.

Perhaps my mission on this blog is incompatible with quite a few people. Maybe the artists that only want to talk to fellow artists. Maybe the quiet ones who want to be left quiet. Maybe the prejudice people who want to limit who is acceptable. Maybe the people who fear something different.

That’s perfectly fine because it takes being in the moment with a fellow speck of stardust to understand that some people do not match at all. This variety is what keeps people fascinating and fresh.

It’s worth it to chat with the incompatible ones to find the compatible ones. Chatting with all people to find my sort of people is a worthy task.


Interesting post. The worst thing about communication via text is that you can take anything out of context. I  see this on Twitter or Facebook a all the time. I could watch a conversation between two people who tell each "I hate you" without the knowledge that they're best friends and totally kidding around.


No matter how much we wish people could see and understand our vision, we really don't have  much control over what they think or feel so practicing being emotionally okay with what happens outside of yourself will help stop feeling like you have to defend yourself. Sharing humanity with each other is what helps people live their truth and still be around people who may not necessarily believe in what they believe in.


People don't have to like me but I'm not looking for approval but I understand that everyone is fighting their own battles in life, so I try my best to exude compassion and warmth.


My friends and I are incompatible when it comes to beliefs about working a 9-5 (they think I'm crazy) but we still respect and care about each other. I don't even know what my point is anymore but, you're right, we're all not compatible and some people may view our ideas and thoughts as crazy or strange, but it's our own uniqueness that add flavor and spice to this crazy thing we call life. Anyway, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. Thanks for putting yourself out there in the work you do:)