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On Amsterdam, Seth Godin, and Blogging with @KristaStryker

This is a continuation from the previous coffee meeting.

August 16, 2011. 1:37PM

I was scared I was late.

Krista and I agreed to meet at 1:30 at Four Barrel Coffee on the other side of San Francisco. (The Mission District, Valencia St.)

Earlier that day I met Chris for coffee at the Ferry Building. We had a motivating chat about psychology, life, and getting out of your comfort zone.

Now I had to rush to get to my next meeting. That wasn’t the best thing for an introvert but I took deep breaths on the BART train.

I quickly exited 16th Mission St.

While I walked to the coffee stop, I spotted a red mini-cooper that was parked. It had checkered side visors.

Then I faintly remembered seeing an identical car somewhere. Then I realized it was Krista’s car!

I was saying to myself, “Oh no, being late is terrible.”


So I walked into the coffee shop and ordered a drink. I quickly got my iced coffee and took a seat.

The place had an interesting ambiance. (Photo above for reference.) It had a warehouse feeling because you could see the employees in the back grinding the coffee beans. The chairs were metal and all of the counters were made of wood.

I looked around to see if she was there. She was in line ordering her own drink.


We both sat down and started out really to find a topic to talk about.

We shared our backgrounds, what made her live in three places in a span of four years, why I took Psychology, how hipster the coffee place was and why both of us are so fascinated by blogging.

She told me that living in Amsterdam (for 2 years) was an interesting experience because there were Dutch speaking folks and English speaking folks that stayed separated due to their language.

It was fascinating to hear about that language barrier. She told me that she didn’t connect with them so well.

Then she talked about her time living in New York for a year. She told me that the atmosphere was very different from the West Coast. (Wow, I just talked to Chris about this earlier!)

The prices are similar in terms of rent while SF has slightly (and I mean slightly) cheaper food prices.

Some subtopics we talked about in blogging:
-How some bloggers have their financial independent lives with SEO skills, CSS, etc.
-Figuring out where we wanted to go with our blogs in terms of what to write about.
-How cool Benny at Get Busy Living is because he seems 100% authentic.
-How we could meet other fellow bloggers in SF.

After that we hit on the topic of Seth Godin. I recall asking her if she liked his work.

She told me that he was one of her favorite authors. She recommended to me Poke the Box, which is about taking action with whatever you’re doing: work, life, etc. She also told me to read Linchpin.


Afterwards, I asked about her car.

Krista: “Well I decided that since I’m getting a car, I might as well get my dream car right?”

I smiled. I totally understood what she was saying. In my mind I already knew that those checkered side visors were an added touch to that dream car of hers.

After talking for two hours, we both said, “Nice meeting you!” and went on our own ways.


It goes to show how connected people really are.

On the same day I met someone going back to NYC and someone who just came from NYC. That’s a small world indeed.


Check Krista out at her blog, 12 Minute Athlete.

[Disclosure: Nothing exchanged except ideas.]