Day 39 (Neutrality is Beautiful, even on Valentine’s Day)

“Giving opens the way for receiving.”

Why can giving or offering benefit you?

Life is all about offering. Whether it is a date proposal, a compliment, or any other request, it is up to the other person to accept it or reject it.

I went an hour earlier to my campus to create some sort of rejection opportunity. Right away, I ran into a ridiculously awesome situation. I had to collect notes for this class. Why did I have to collect them? In this class, there is an option to buy the notes for the class. I felt that I needed to because I had missed a class.

When I came upon the register, someone else was collecting notes. I looked at her notes for some clues and realized I could not see what class her notes were for. However, my instinct had a good feeling. I said, “Hi, I bought notes here last week and I wanted to collect them. My class was [insert class here]” The girl next to me reacted in a certain way, suggesting that she had notes from the same class. I asked her if she had [insert class] and she told me she did. I asked her how she did on the first midterm and she shook her head and said, “Not as well as I thought I could have done.” I concurred with her. Instead of letting the conversation end there, I decided to say, “Actually, would you like to study sometime? Do you have facebook?” She already implied she wanted to and gave me her email. That was a very beneficial failed rejection.

I went to class. Even with a lot of coffee even I started to drift the final ten minutes or so. I could only imagine what everybody else in the class must be going through.

After class, I talked to a girl who stood by the door. I realized she was also in my class. I asked her how she did on her midterm and if she wanted to study sometime. She said that she did well just by studying her notes. She told me that I should go to the study group. She suggested that she may not be much help to me. I could tell by her body language that it was a rejection.

I would have done more but I had to go back to the apartment and finish that essay! As for Valentine’s Day, I’m particularly neutral to it. I’ll maybe use it for my rejection in the coming days.