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My Life Mission: The Constraint-Free Manifesto

Last post, I showed you the reason why I made this blog.

Now I’ll show you the intent of this blog.

It took me a couple of weeks but I finally found what my blog is about moving forwards.

I’ve been trying to connect three concepts together.
-Eliminate fear
-Create possibilities
-Contribute to the world.

All three form a feedback loop.

If you eliminate fear, you can make possibilities.
If you make possibilities, you can contribute to the world.
If you contribute to the world, you can help others eliminate their doubts.

So here’s how I’ll do that. I’ll be doing it through my artwork.

It isn’t the type you see in museums or hear on your ipod.

My artwork is human interaction and testing the limits of that interaction. My canvas is through those interactions, whether it’s a fleeting moment in time or a permanent friend.

My blog combines those elements of eliminating fear (becoming constraint-free), creating possibilities (because through repeated exposure, constraints will have no effect on me), and contributing to the world (to help others be constraint-free too.)

When you create all three of those elements together, life is truly constraint-free.

For example, when you connect with someone, there’s positive energy that is transferred between the two people.

That positive energy creates momentum.

So if person A and person B both got positive feedback on their visions, then it would reinforce them to actually do them. Then when A and B actually execute their visions it can inspire persons C, D, E, and F to get inspiration to do their visions and so forth.

I want to be that person who can create that ignition to help others towards their goals.

I’ll do it via the path of talking to strangers, doing my experiments, or making the difference I can in the world.

Those little ignition points of positivity could net a huge difference in the long-term. Even if they don’t, I made a difference to that one person.

But isn’t human interaction a dependent median? What if those people don’t want to talk to you?

I did my best to learn to not take it personally through my rejections.

I’m in full support of humanity.

The rest is about crushing the social barriers.

Why is this my ultimate passion?

I could help myself, help others, and create connections with others all in one. The 3 in 1 deal. The constraint-free deal.

I can take away my limits, other people’s limits, and create an open mind for more people.

Here’s the ultimate kicker: Since I get to do that, I get to figure out people’s core passion if they want to share it to me.

If I could hear everyone’s passion, then I’ve lived an infinite number of lives that I couldn’t have the time for.
-The countless number of different things that people do.
-The countless number of activities that people do.

There aren’t enough 10,000 hours in our lifetimes to master every skill.
But there are enough hours for me to speak to many people coming from many different backgrounds doing many amazing things.

So here’s to living!