January 2012

San Francisco, CA

She felt and looked like a fairy. Her white hair flowed out into the sky like a wild dandelion. She also helped me out with opening my beer. So she was a beer fairy with this flickering streak of hair.

Little did I know that walking around the Mission district and Dolores Park with her ended up being a weird progression that felt too linear for its own good.

In the end of it all, she stared at me straight in the eyes and said, “You’d be great at chess.”

It’s the point both of us knew that the moment would’ve been perfect. Everything was executed perfectly. Both of us showed interest in one another and then all of a sudden on the final farewell as she was walking into the bus, it all stuttered.

It was too perfect. The moment felt too typical and shallow.

The moment on paper was beautiful. The moment in reality was mediocre.

We stared into each other’s eyes and knew we both played out the concept of attraction.

However, I am pretty sure we both knew as she climbed up the stairs of that bus that we only were playing the part.

I described what happened. I’ll keep it free from a label.