Day 29 (Misdirection and Recovery)

I had a great experience today. So what I did a lot of last year was go on some websites to meet people online. Fortunately, one of my friends became an exchange student here near where I live. Therefore, she told me that she would be in town today. Little did I know that she would also bring two of her fellow exchange student roommates. So there I was meeting three people that I never saw in real life before. That’s what you call going out of the comfort zone. They told me to take them to Chinatown. (However, I felt terrible because I totally forgot where that was! I haven’t been here for three months because I’ve been away at my university in a different city!) So I had to ask them for a map, which was pretty bad. I’m the native city dweller and they were asking me to guide them! It was incredibly embarrassing. Then I took them to an area where I knew much better. There was a particular Banksy piece that I wanted to show them. However, to my dismay, the piece was covered up! Then I got lost a couple more times. By that time, I felt a bit discouraged by my lack of optimal directions and just being a lousy guide. However, dinner and dessert saved the day. (Sidenote: With cheesecake, almost anything can be cured.) I pretty much just let them joke about how terrible I was with directions. It was a great way to just share positive energy by being teased back as well. It enabled me to overcome any self-doubting thoughts. My thoughts failed to reject me. I finally felt happy living in the moment. It was a great experience. Then I joked with them about how you say Adidas. And how the cultures were different. And how funny it was that it is 21 to drink here. And other fun teasing that just made me have a damn good time. I even told them about the rejection concept and they paid attention to that too! Then laughed at it. I talked to them about how some people have this imaginary mirror that makes them have more restraint than others and they totally used that against me too! Then they had to go and I went on my way to the train station, feeling happy that I shared such a fun time with them.

As for the rejection? I told my sibling about this blog and about the whole concept of rejection therapy. All that was said was, “I do not want to read it.” Blunt rejection!