Day 10 (Memory of the Cold Approach)

Besides the fact that I have a bad cold and ants swarmed my apartment room, today was a good day. You know why? Because my mindset was positive. Sure, I felt the cynicism coming but then I realized it’s all in my mind. “Forget about it Matt” I said to myself and the inner calm came back. I had to miss the first class of mine thanks to the ants but I needed to do this too. I took some Dayquil (which is ridiculously good for colds) and off I went to class!
There was a lady with a purple coat sitting next to me in my second class, so I decided I would talk to her. (Any bright colored article of clothing just makes someone intriguing in my opinion.) After about an hour of lecture, we both were walking out of the building, I said “Hi, how’s it going?” That’s where it started. It ended up being nice as we talked about my major, her major, reasons for doing it, music and other topics over coffee. The great fact that I didn’t have any expectations made me beautifully calm. I just let things go as we went talking. She described living with her boyfriend and how she liked studying people as well. Then we went to a discussion that’s related to the second class. And after that, we talked more about whatever else.
One huge issue: What a great failed rejection.

That’s all it is. I don’t expect or foresight an outcome. All I am doing is merely handing out and offering positive energy; it’s up to the other party to comply or not.

Edit: I called a friend to hangout and see if she was free. She didn’t return my call back the whole night. Delayed rejection!


Heh, I really love your perception on rejections. Studying the human being is a fascinating thing indeed. : )