Make a Difference: Create Magical Moments Project

“This idea of how everything is interconnected, and the impermanence of things. It sums up the human condition to me, and it helps me on my path.” – Jeff Bridges

Here’s an example of what a magical moment is to me and how you can make a difference to someone else in a matter of minutes. Details will be below.

It’s amazing to think how the Internet has connected people from all around the world. What happened yesterday really proved to me the beauty of this:

That simple 10 minute conversation calmed me down because I could fully resonate with it. The moment I tweeted back to her that it related to her amazing fashion work, I hit her one core passion. It was a magical moment that couldn’t been done in any other generation, which is why I love social media.

I thanked her for that amazing conversation and she thanked me as well.

No other generation has had the ability to communicate to one another so swiftly and easily. It’s amazing to be able to speak to someone all the way in Melbourne, Australia from my area back in California.

That’s why I end up leaving Twitter in the static background. That’s the connection to the rest of the world’s broadcasts. I’ll take any amount of noise in order to fetch beautiful signals every so often.


So what is the “Magical Moments Project”?

So the example above is what I call a magical moment. A magical moment is when two people share positive words, energy, and ideas with one another. It may only be that one time you connect with someone in that way. That’s alright. That tiny positive spark could make a huge exponential difference.

How you can join in:
-Go on Twitter for 15-30 minutes.
-Add 1-20 new people. (Don’t worry, you could always unfollow them again if you so choose.)
-Since they’re new people, watch for their tweets specifically.
-Then @ reply to one of their tweets. Create a message where it’ll be easy for them to reply to you.
-Maybe they’ll reply. If not, try again. Or try someone else.
-When they do reply, reply back and keep the conversation going.
-If you both resonate with that one specific topic, you’re on your way.
-When the conversation has mutual rapport, then you can feel the magical moment where you’ve really connected. It could last 5 minutes or create a permanent friendship.
You’ve just made a difference with minimal effort.

Hash tag with #magicalmoment if you try it out and experience it!
Let me know of how it affected you.

Please share this idea with whomever you think would like it!

Jana Inuit
Jana Inuit

This experiance has been so beautiful. Greateful for how you have captured that moment and shared your experiance so openly. Nice to be a part of it. jana inuit

Purple Panda
Purple Panda

Nice idea! I do believe you could come up with a full fledged blog project on that. Submission based as well. ;) go for it. I LOVE social media too. It came naturally for me as I rode the internet since 98. It doesn't hurt that I'm an introvert. ;)

Meg @ OneLoveMeg
Meg @ OneLoveMeg

Great idea! I will have to add some twitter friends and talk them up! Magical moments here I come...

Hugo Martins
Hugo Martins

With all the downside of social media I believe Twitter has the power of putting people together and create interesting dialogues. Great story!