Learning to Lead

March 08 2012 3:40PM

I enter into the cafeteria and I see an intriguing looking girl that catches my eye. She is wearing tall black boots, a black sweater, and a black shirt.

She looks at the sushi stand and figures which type of sushi she’d like to have.

This is where I ask her about her pink hair and if she goes to Burning Man.

She looks at me weird and tells me that she isn’t someone who goes to Burning Man. She laughs and says, “So many people ask me that!”

We chat about where both of us are from. Then she tells me, “I’ll be eating this outside. You can follow me if you want.”

[I didn’t realize that I was being a follower. Being a follower is not always a bad thing. However in this situation it seems like an act of weakness.]

After talking for another ten minutes at the tables, she finishes her sushi. We walk onto the field while she smokes a cigarette.

On the field, the conversation gets sexual and tons of flirting ensues. We’re both one another. I tell her that she is a troublemaker. She looks and stares at me relentlessly. The tension builds. We continue to stare at one another for a minute.

[I could have went in for the quick kiss here or something else. If you build it like this and don’t make a move, whether that is a kiss or a peck on the cheek or taking her hand, you’re falling behind. You’re not leading anymore.]

But I didn’t. I left it awkward.

You must take the lead if the girl wants you to advance. If not, the magic moment flickers away.