Day 58 (How Sombreros Made Me Grow Up) + The Three Types of Guys

I’ll be writing about the events of May 5th. This is because I was busy trying to muster up the cognitive power to actually write this post.

So it’s been a while since I’ve had an epic rejection day. So I decided to wake up and stop being such a wuss.

I had to take an exam today and I did fairly well on it.

Afterwards, I saw someone walking by that I knew was in my class. I decided to talk to her and just ask her about how she thought the test was. She said that wasn’t too hard and she did alright on it. I told her the same. We both knew that we had to work on the essay that was due for the class. I decided not to ask for anything because I didn’t feel that I wanted to. Therefore, I told her I’d see her in class and went off to my next class.

In my 2nd class, there was an extremely attractive girl that I saw. So I decided to sit next to her no matter what. Who really cares what happens right? So I sat next to her and asked her about the exam on this class. She told me she got a really good grade. Then she joked that she didn’t study for the class so much because she had to study for the MCAT. I nodded my head. I asked her what the MCAT was and she told me that it was the medical equivalent of the SAT. I said alright and the conversation ended there.

I don’t mind because all I was aiming for was to get back into the game. Therefore, I had a successful day.

I also reached out to a friend and talked to him about this blog. We ended up talking about the three types of guys out in the world. I’ll get to that below.

During the evening, I was invited by the girl from Day 28 to her apartment with some friends. I wasn’t going to go but had a feeling something would occur that would be important to me. Something did happen.

She’s actually been a good person to study with as we’ve ended up having some classes together again.
My housemate and I ended up meeting her and one of her friends. We ended up playing a drinking game that was quite fun.

It’s called Beeramids. You have 4 cards dealt to you. You have to memorize them. (Once you’re drunk, good luck to that!). Then more cards are dealt in a shape of a pyramid. The bottom cards go for less amount of drinks and the top card goes for the most amount of drinks. If you have the card that it flipped, then you can tell anyone to have a drink.

The game was actually quite fun and went on for about an hour. We played around 5 games. At this time, I was seriously buzzed and couldn’t figure out what my cards were.

Then someone else came into the door. It was a guy who actually had the whole total jerk aura.

All my life I’ve been told to be nice to girls. However, I’ve learned through the years that it isn’t the case (for the most part). There are exceptions to every rule.

Back to the guy. He came in and went on an all out assault with the girl. He cursed at her when she opened the door for him, cursed at her when she offered him a shot of liquor, and then jumped on her for her to carry him. It was all a fun experience to the both of them because it built tension in an incredibly fast manner. If that’s the main goal, then there’s a true respect for that.

So why was there a sombrero in there?

About five minutes later, she was already dancing in front of him with a sombrero. They were both having a blast. It was Cinco De Mayo!

I felt happy for them.

I decided to head on back to my apartment because I was too buzzed up from the beeramids game. I made a crude joke to add to their fun and went back to my apartment.

This woke me up to rejecting any negative thoughts about anyone’s style or anything of that matter.

Let people be what they are.

I had an old friend tell me that there are three types of guys that girls are into. I could be totally wrong but it’s something that I’ve seen more and more evidence of. I found a couple of other articles about it on the internet too.
They are:
-There are the jerks.
-There are the nice guys.
-There are the social guys. (An intermediate between the two.)

I’m not sure about the ratio but those are the three types of guys out there. I’ve always aimed for being the last one of the three. Although I’ve seen videos and read books about how being a jerk can get you far with girls, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of why.

Seeing it first hand helped me grasp an idea of what to do in the upcoming days.

*I’m not saying any of them is better than the other. There are people who are into different tastes, just like anything else. I will maintain this standpoint because I’ve had an ex that was totally into the nice guy that I was before.

Maybe I didn’t have a true personal rejection today. However, when you learn how to have small talk, be a manly jerk (with the types of girls who are into that), and an awesome drinking game, I would say that it’s been a day of progress.

Kevin Espiritu
Kevin Espiritu

In your three man list, social > jerks > nice guys as far as success with women. Though I'd probably classify them as calibrated male > assholes > nice guys. The assholes beat out nice guys almost every time because they DO NOT CARE. Nice guys analyze and over think too many decisions, they are afraid of risk. Assholes are not, they aren't afraid of risk and usually embrace it to some degree. The calibrated male occupies the coveted position of being experienced enough to know when to switch into either of these modes, though they never occupy either of them fully. Good post man!


To be manly or not to be manly. That is the question. :)


Just because being a manly jerk works, and just because some girls are into that doesn't make it right. Some women stick with abusive husbands, children sometimes stick with abusive parents because it is what they are familiar with. They have been socialised into it. I say be nice, whether it gets you what you want or not