Day 55 (How E-mail is the Easiest Way to Reach Out)

“E-mail is the greatest thing” – Wally Amos

Nowadays people have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other means of communication. Instead of writing an e-mail to my friend, I just send him/her a wall post on Facebook. It’s quick and easily accessible.

So why am I writing that e-mail is the greatest thing?

Because that’s how I ended up getting this self-hosted blog.

Of course, there’s a couple of tips that I’d like to share.
-Keep the e-mail short and concise. It’s hard for anyone to reply to a huge wall of text.
-Always write with a purpose. Acknowledge your reasons for writing and be as straight to the point as possible.

During the past month, I’ve been e-mailing people left and right.
I’ve e-mailed a couple of huge bloggers. It’s been a few weeks and they haven’t responded. I don’t take that personally because they probably cannot agree to my requests. That’s fine. That’s a reasonable rejection.

I’ve also written to other people. I’ve asked them to guest post, for advice, and for any other questions I had.

However, there were a few that really stood out.
I was able to write my tinybuddha post because I asked.
I was able to partake in a podcast because I asked. (I was a featured guest on Episode 12.)

On top of that, one blogger saw potential in my work and offered me some money to get me started on this blog that you’re reading right now.

All I did was reach out by e-mail.

Good things happen when you reach out. E-mail enables that without getting out of your seat.

That’s why e-mail is the greatest thing.