Day 16 (How Cat Shoes Intrigued Me)

I woke up way too late today. I was in a hazy mood. To break the spell, I went up to a girl who was packing two sandwiches in her backpack. I simply said, “Hi, are both of those for you?” She blushed a bit and said one was for a friend. I smiled and walked my way onto the bus.
However, I took the wrong bus. So I had to walk across campus for 15 minutes to get to class. Class felt extremely long and for some reason the anxiety was starting to come up again.

After class, I walked to the bus. I was feeling absolutely claustrophobic at the moment because there were so many people walking around me with all the buses and classes going on.

I went on the bus and I saw a girl I wanted to talk to. By now the anxiety was exploding in the brain of mine.

She was talking to someone else, so that was fine. Luckily, the other person left at an earlier stop. By now, I just didn’t care. Let the anxiety take a hold and talk anyway!

I started by commenting on her odd shoes (cats on them!) Then I built rapport for a couple of minutes talking about how there isn’t enough cat people in the world and dogs are good but overrated. Then, I just bluntly asked, “This is a little embarrassing but do you want to have coffee sometime?” She was blushing immensely but had to decline since she was in a relationship. Total awesome rejection.

I still have the fear when trying to talk to someone in front of a crowd (on the bus) but it’s something I’ll challenge myself to combat as the days go on.

Bonus: Asked the guy next to me in my night class for gum. He shook his head and said no. Rejection 😀