Day 52 (How a Limo Driver Helped me While I had Thai Food)

This happened a few days ago.

I went out with my family to dinner. We ended up eating at a Thai restaurant. Here are my own pictures depicting how amazing that dinner was.

There’s some yellow curry to make you hungry!

However, right after I left the Thai restaurant, I noticed that my pocket was lighter than usual. I had lost my wallet. My family and I frantically retraced the path of the previous hour. We went back to the restaurant. We went back to the ATM where I deposited some cash right before going to the restaurant. We searched around the area where we parked in both places. My family and I had no luck in finding my wallet. It had disappeared.

We decided to go back home. A lot of things went through my head in that 20 minute drive. “I have to deactivate all my cards? Darn.” was just one of my many worries.

To make matters worse, I “lost” my wallet just 3 months before this date. There was a day of panic in the air. Then at night, I found it in the sofa. What a great waste of a day. But it just reinforced a lesson that I was about to learn today.

My family and I arrive home. One of our neighbors was waiting for us. She calls for my mom because she wanted to hand her something.
It was my wallet.

Inside, I found a business card. At the same time, my neighbor told me that a limo driver came to my house to bring my wallet back. His wife found it on the ground near the Thai restaurant.

I decided to call the phone number on the business card. A lady answered. I told her how thankful I was for bringing back my wallet to my house. She told me that it was no problem. She sympathized with how tough it would be for a student like me to lose all those cards (debit cards, IDs, and reward cards). She also told me that she tried to find a phone number but couldn’t. Instead, they saw my address on the driver’s license and drove it back. They couldn’t hear anyone at the residence as we were still enjoying our Thai food. So the driver gave it to my neighbor.

I thanked her again and told her that I would try to refer people to their limo service.

People have the potential to be good and do the right thing. I’m glad to know that there are still some people like that out there.

Who knew that I could get a failed rejection just because other people were altruistic?