Follow This and You’re Halfway In

Day 5 of the Awkward Moments Experiment.

[For 30 days I’ll be getting myself into awkward moments while benefiting others.]

September 27, 2011. 6:10pm.

For some reason I’ve never liked going to university clubs much.

However, I decided to overcome that.

I entered one of the Psychology club meetings. Everyone was sitting at the three long tables.

I decided to sit at a weird angle. No one started conversation with me.

For a few minutes, I listened to what others were saying.

The guy next to me was from the same city as me, so I introduced myself to him.

After asking about each other’s schools and where we came from, we ended up finding something incredibly awkward.

He was the ex of one of my good friends. That’s how small the world is.

That was pretty awkward. Others who overheard our discussion laughed in amusement as we discovered this.

After that we did a speed dating like objective except with fellow Psychology majors talking about our year in school, our favorite color, and our best scar story.

I ended up interacting one on one with 5 people who had all sorts of backgrounds. One was a mother and she told me about her son’s scar story and how her daughter was getting married. Another person told me he had to take spleen out because he skateboarded into a rail.


After the meeting ended, I saw a guy on the bus who came from that meeting. I decided to talk to him. We ended up talking for 15 minutes about Psychology, his background, my background, photography, and bikes.

All I said was, “So you’re from that meeting right?”

I made two new friends (the guy who came from my hometown and the guy on the bus.)


What you need to do is go out there and present yourself. If you’re sitting there in the corner being lonely and awkward, that’s okay. Once in a while, someone will save you.

Even if nobody does, you can go out and see how others interact. That’s the absolute least you can get out of it. The way to winning half the battle is to be present.