Day 36 (Fruit Gushers Enables Gushing Out Risk)

“If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.” -Katharine Hepburn

There are so many rules to follow. You have to follow traffic lights. You have to follow speed limits. You have to follow dining etiquette. You have to follow social conditioning. However, take a closer look at the final point. Do you really have to follow social conditioning?
I personally do not think so. As long as it does not harm anyone physically or emotionally, then I feel that anything is allowed as long as the goal benefits both parties. Take today as an example:

I walked onto campus at around 4:50pm. The coffee building was about to close. People were anxious to get out of class and finally have the weekend to look forward to. Luckily, I brought some Fruit Gushers to help me.

After looking around for a few minutes, I went into the coffee building. The clerk screamed from the top of his lungs, “Five minutes before we are closing!” I had to act quickly. I went up to a table where two people were talking to one another. I asked them if they wanted some Fruit Gushers. They looked totally stunned and declined. One of them questioned me, “Are you selling it?” I replied by telling him that I was giving it out for free. I asked him again if he wanted it. He declined me as well. I got rejected by both of them.

I went to the table next to them where 7 people were studying. At that point I could feel the adrenaline coming but I carried on. “Hi everyone, does anyone here want a pack of Fruit Gushers?” They all looked stunned. One of them said, “Sure.” So I just threw a pack onto their table and went on my way. Interesting failed rejection because it reinforced how an assertive, loud voice makes everyone in a group pay attention.

Then the clock struck 5 o’clock.

There was a frenzy from some of the classrooms as hundreds of fellow students were darting out towards the bus or their bikes. They wanted to leave campus quickly to start their weekend.

I walked to the bus and was going to ask around 15 people if they wanted a pack but the anxiety hit hard. However, I did not quit. I went up to two guys who sat in the middle of the group and asked them if they wanted any. One of them said, “I know not to take candy from a stranger.” That was a total rejection.

For some reason, I did not take that sarcastic comment well. So I took a stroll for a few minutes to calm me down.

I saw another group of four people. I was not in the best mood but decided to do it anyways. I asked them if they wanted some Fruit Gushers. They all looked happy and smiled. One of the girls replied with, “I’ll take it.” Then the whole group said, “Thanks.” Then the girl asked me my name. I said Matt. So she replied with, “Thanks Matt.” As I was walking away, I overheard one of them say, “That was cute.” What a nice failed rejection. Not only did they accept my proposal, they also eased my worries from the previous encounter.

I walked to the other side of campus to catch the bus there. While waiting for the bus, I saw someone sitting on the bench. I decided to asked her for gum. Luckily she had some. (It ended up being an amazing piece of gum.) We talked about where she was from, where I was from, her major and what she wanted to do with it, where I lived at currently, the city where the campus is, and the weather. We started chatting on the bench and continued on the bus. Before my stop, I asked her for her facebook. She gave it to me. I got another failed rejection to end the day.