Flying Around and Passing Out 100 Fliers

A nonprofit handed me 100 fliers to pass out around. I decided to talk to people on campus while passing these fliers out.

October 08 2012 11:00AM

I walked around for half an hour to see what was going on and to get myself used to the atmosphere. Then I started chatting with people.

All sorts of random and funny interactions occurred.

-The first person I talked to was waiting for the bus sitting around. I told him that he had cool shoelaces on his converses (they were checkered). He was a new transfer and told me he really liked the campus. I passed him a flier and told him to keep wearing those shoelaces. He smiled and said thanks to me.

I handed about twelve more fliers to people around the bus station. Total count: thirteen.

-I walked to the cafeteria area and there was a girl that seemed really bored. “Hi, you seem bored so let’s chat for a little while to make you less bored.” I guessed her major as English or Sociology. She told me that she was a Conversational Biology major. We talked about climate change and how she could make a difference in the current day. She spoke about how she wanted to work at a park to save the wolves and help them. I randomly blurted out that her soul animal was a wolf and she smiled. She agreed and we ended up talking about how I believed that each person had a soul animal in them. A fun quirky thread ended up brightening her day. I went on my way.

I handed fifteen more fliers to people around the cafeteria. Total count: twenty-nine.

-I exited one of the campus buildings. I had a wonderful conversation with a girl where the conversation started with her just sitting around taking a break. She was sitting down on one of the steps and I needed a break myself so we started to chat. She told me she was an International Relations major that just transferred to the campus from her local community college. I handed her a flier and talked about the 5k/10k run. She seemed intrigued and figured that her roommates would want to go. We talked about how she worked at Baskin Robbins. I laughed and told her she could definitely offer me a discount. She smiled and said if I ended up in her city in the suburbs, I would be welcomed to get a kid’s scoop. As I stood up, I smiled and told her to enjoy her break.

I walked by and handed out another twenty fliers to people passing by. Total count: fifty.


-I ended up at one of the biggest lecture halls on the campus and asked what class was coming up for the lecture hall. Fifty people were waiting for the next class and one shouted out to me that they were waiting for some Chemistry class. I thanked them. I went up to him and handed him the first flier and told him, appreciate the knowledge, have a flier. He said thanks. I ended up gaining momentum and passed it around to all of the fifty people waiting at the lecture hall. About fifteen of the people said thanks and I got a few people who shook their head and said no thanks. One of them even told me that my shirt was really cool.

This was a big accomplishment for me because I had to speak and take action in a small area with a lot of people crowded around. It feels more difficult when people are in earshot and I have to say, “Hi excuse me, here’s a flier” forty times in a row. Total count: About ninety-seven passed out.

I had a few fliers left. On my way to the parking lot, I passed one more building. I saw a girl that looked really interesting and talked to her before giving my last flier to her. I was talking to her and she told me that she was taking Nutrition Science. She also had a slight accent that was fascinating. She told me that she born in the UK. We talked for a few minutes about the different accents in the UK. She told me that was around the London area and compared that accent to other accents in York, Leeds, and Manchester. She thanked me for the conversation and told me that her friends were really into running so the flier was helpful. I smiled and felt proud to end on a high note like that.

Make an activity enjoyable by talking to people during the activity. Passing out fliers became a fun task when I allowed random interaction to enter the equation. Sometimes it was awkward. Sometimes it was courageous. It was fun overall.