It’s fleeting.

All the interactions I attempted and will continue to attempt will be fleeting.

January 14th, 2012

San Francisco, CA

Everyone below I met only once. The early 2012 version of myself was still too innocent to understand this concept. I needed to live this day out to realize I was an extra in the whole scheme of two different situations. We are all extras in other people’s situations unless we are invited into the inner group.

Alexandra and her cousin met me at one of the diners on Haight St. The conversation was basically about her time in San Francisco. She shared some stories about how she enjoyed it so far. After her cousin shared a bit about himself too. They ordered a dish of french toast.

Something hit me when they offered to share their french toast with me. It felt like it was running out. Something felt like it was running off into the wilderness.

It’s the moment of clarity when I knew today was going to be fleeting.

I barely grabbed a small piece of that french toast and that’s when I knew my efforts were going to end up becoming some indifferent pile of inner art unless I understood the mission. I chewed the french toast in deep thought.

After leaving the diner, the two of them were kind enough to walk around and chat with me about this idea of meeting everyone. One of them said that it may not be worth the trouble to meet so many people because you never really get to know them authentically.

In rebuttal, one interaction is all you need to change the course of a person’s actions through giving them different ideas and perspectives.

I thanked them for meeting up with me.

A few blocks around the corner I entered a cafe where Abagail and her boyfriend were sitting.

I remember guiding them through areas I’ve been before by retracing my paths that I took a couple of years back in the city.

I found a bus for them that would take us to the Sutro Baths. Those ruins have a beautiful landscape that gives you the type of perspective that changes lives.

We slowly climbed up the elevated mountain for a spectacular view.

The vivid oranges, purples, and pinks highlighted the sky with a fantastic glow. The beach gleamed with liveliness.

Abagail came from a different country for her opportunity to be here. She made it work for her. Both of them made it work. She had an artistic personality and her boyfriend was a photographer.

The one thing I remember etched into my brain or at least paraphrased into my brain:

She said something along the lines of, “You have to go for what you like no matter what, you can’t let anything hold you back.”

She was right.

After a few months, I lost contact with everyone. The small victories are knowing that almost everyone is fleeting. I am glad they gave me an opportunity to be a tiny page in their personal novels.

They helped me understand the fleeting concept.