Day 23 (Farmer’s Market; Strawberries)

I woke up today realizing that it was Saturday. Then a thought lit up through my brain. Today is the city’s Farmer’s Market! So I changed and jumped right into my car. I already knew what I wanted to do. Also, I wanted strawberries.

I walked around and there was a swirl of people. It all caught me a bit off guard because I forgot that many students would be around as well. There were so many more people than I expected. Vendors full of items and prices including: all sorts of nuts, apples, cabbages, juices, pastries, breads, coffee, oranges, beans, raisins, etc. There was even popcorn which everyone seems to buy the most.

I finally stumbled upon the strawberries. I looked at the price and it said: $3 for one basket. This was a great opportunity to haggle. I asked the clerk, “Can I get one for $2.50?” The clerk just repeated that it was $3. I asked him again but he simply repeated $3. I was holding up the line by that point so I decided to give the $3. Those strawberries looked too delicious. Therefore, that was a good rejection but I got tasty strawberries. Have a good one.