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How I Used Facebook to Meet Someone in a Weird Way

Day 15 of Awkward Moments Experiment where I expand my social comfort zone and try to benefit others as well.


Back in 2006, I joined the Bjork forum. I ended up meeting a lot of unique and interesting people on that site. I was active on that site for three years and ended up adding many of them on Facebook.

I was looking at my news feed one day. One of my forum friends that lives in Seattle had a status where her friend said, “Hey, you should come to Davis and the Bay Area.”

I ended up adding a comment and asking if she was referring to the city.

She said she was.

After talking on that status area for a few replies, I offered to hang out with her.

She agreed.

I agreed to hang out with a friend of an online friend that I’ve never met before in real life.

October 28, 2011. 11:05AM.

We ended up meeting at the coffee house. I was waiting for my latte. In the corner of my eye, she comes to me and says “Hi.”

I told her I would be the guy wearing orange shoes.

It works like a cooler version of Where’s Waldo?

We chatted on the bench for two hours about GMO, Global Warming, the Pacific Northwest, her cat, my interactions with strangers, her travels, and both of our educational programs.


She told me there was a “pub” behind the food area that was only open between 11am and 2pm. (Yeah, can you believe there’s a pub that’s only open during lunch time? Sounds like some sort of mythical place like Narnia.)

We ended up going there and found it to be a weird hybrid of a fancy restaurant with an informal bar. It had an odd fusion of ambiance.
(The image I can conjure up for you is an Italian restaurant mixed with a microbrewery.)

Over some fancy sandwiches, salad, and beer, we chatted about her travels around South America and joked about her dating life. We both talked about families and our different beliefs from our families’ cultural standards.

The best line I can remember is when I said, “Hey, I’m pretty sure many of those guys went for you because they were curious what one-quarter of sushi tasted like.”

Yes, I ended up saying weird things like that but it’s an inside joke that helped me remember the memory beautifully.


It’s another unconventional way of meeting someone but it was worth it to leave a little reply on that mutual (online) friend’s status.

Even my online friend approved of it.

That small effort enabled me to meet an awesome person in the area.

That’s a big reason why I stay on Twitter. You never know when you can find ways to benefit those near you in proximity or to interact with them in person.

Bret Juliano
Bret Juliano

What a great way to show the potential benefits of actually engaging people on social networks.