Day 50 (Embrace Awkwardness to Reap the Benefits + Thoughts on Rejection Therapy)

Do not wait; the time will never be “just right.” -Napoleon Hill

Have you ever had something you wanted to do but decided to put it off and wait for the right moment?

Instead of putting off a goal, embrace awkwardness.
Just go out there. What’s the worse that could happen? You could feel awkward at an interview, a party, a date, or any other event. You could feel awkward just by attempting to get out of the house.
An example? Re-read Day 47. That minute of awkwardness gave me a taste of what it means to risk the ego. Yet I’m still alive and writing this post, aren’t I?
Each day that passes without action is just another wasted opportunity. As a fellow human being, I’d like to advise you that everyone’s span of time on this planet is ticking. Our time here is limited. Make the best use of that limited time by going out and feeling awkward.

So you’re saying that you’re extremely introverted? Gather up your courage and go out there. It’s better to miss on the side of taking action rather than missing out on an opportunity altogether.

Create inspiration for yourself. There has to be something lurking inside of you that can create some sort of inspiration. Find a quote. Find someone online that has something in common with you, then meet them. Find a menu to your favorite restaurant. Find your old address book with old contacts. Find anything that makes you get out there.

You deserve to live. You deserve to destroy whatever shell, wall, barrier that has been created. As long as your intent is to improve yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone, it is your right to feel awkward.

So what did I do to feel awkward?
I went to hangout with one of my best friends and many acquaintances. Some people may think that’s not that awkward but everyone has their own awkwardness battle. One of my biggest challenges is breaking down my own barrier with strangers. Just like any other introvert, it takes me some time to feel comfortable around people I don’t know well. After playing poker and making jokes for around an hour, I started to feel comfortable. Then it seemed like any other fun event. I had a blast hanging out with five people that I didn’t know so well. All it took was deciding that any potential awkward moments were okay. There was beer, turkey bacon, and random stories. That’s much better than sitting around doing nothing all day. It was an acceptance or failed rejection that I created by being content with anything that happened.

So what does being awkward have to do with Rejection Therapy? It has everything to do with Rejection Therapy. It enables you to take action.
1. It gives you a mindset where any negative situation is a learning lesson.
2. It gives you a chance to create the life that you imagine in your mind.
3. It gives you an opportunity to fulfill those chances that used to slip by.

In this life, there are very few things that are certain. However, when you decide to be the polite person that doesn’t bother anyone, you’re doing yourself a huge disfavor. When you don’t take a chance of awkwardness, you’re risking something much worse. You’re risking a life where you’re not living at all. The thought of being a flesh version of a mannequin is scarier than the thought of being rejected.

You should respect yourself enough to create chances. For example, let’s say that there’s someone that catches your eye at a Starbucks. You can tell they’re doing their homework. Is it fair to be rude and interrupt them? Only you can decide. If you feel that you and the other person could mutually benefit (e.g networking, relationship, etc.) then it’s worth the chance. Of course, do this in the most respectful manner possible.

Rejection Therapy enabled me to take those chances. It may not work for all people but it can work for those who need one final push to take action. Reverse psychology can be extremely helpful in these situations. In order to fulfill your goal of being rejected, you may have to feel awkward. But what if they say yes? That possibility is something worth feeling awkward for.

Even if you get 99 no’s, that one yes can be worth all the trouble.
Or you can stay in your comfort zone and be a perfect zero for zero.

*Leave a comment, your own blog, any additional links that relate to this post, any ideas on how I could get rejected, etc.
I will use the best ones and attempt to incorporate them into my next post! (Day 51)