Day 56 (Effort = Unexpected Results. Welcome.)

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.” – Alice Walker

Was there a time where you were having a relaxing time living life when something totally unexpected happened?

Let’s get to it.

I was just talking to a few of my friends on facebook. It seemed like an ordinary night.

Then I get an e-mail stating that I was featured in another post by Sebastian Marshall.

I’m quite honored to have a whole blog post inspired by my comment on another one of his posts.

So in case you’re new here.

I attempt to get rejected once a day for the benefit of getting farther in life. The only thing that is uncertain is what shape or form that rejection comes in.

My motivation? All those years of being constrained by this invisible force called social conditioning. I think that while it is needed in some circumstances, it has limited us in many ways.

So hopefully you stumble on here and unexpectedly find some sort of inspiration.

Anyways, let me know if you have a rejection idea you’d like for me to try out. I’ll definitely consider it. Or if you just want to chat, ask questions, discuss philosophies, etc.

Create unexpectedness.

Kevin Espiritu
Kevin Espiritu

Hey dude, Found you via Sebastian's blog - I'm 'K' on one of his recent posts about resumes. Love the idea, and I'm actually going to implement it in a business sense - research and approach at least 2 businesses a day with my service, and hopefully not get rejected. But if I do, it can only be seen as an opportunity to refine my research, pitch, and approach. I'll be following your blog for some time to come as I love reading about people experimenting with their life. Later on down the road it would be awesome to collaborate and potentially share a "Past X Days of Rejection" style post about my experiences using the method. Take it easy. -Kevin