Day 7 (Drawing Up Fun)

The best rejection ever: I was on the bus ride home and then after one more stop, a very attractive lady sat next to me (it was the only open seat available after all). (Sidenote: This is the one upside to an extremely packed bus). Anyways, she sat down and I didn’t have the courage at first to talk to her. Laugh at me all you want but I decided to do the “sketch game”. It’s something I read somewhere. All you have to do is make some crappy (if you’re artistic it’s easier) drawing of the attractive young lady and simply write down a description underneath. I wrote “cute girl next to me, would you want to go to coffee with me? Add your #, if not, then just give the paper back.” After handing it to her, she said that she had a boyfriend and gave the paper back to me. BEST DAMN REJECTION. Little did I know she would open up and talk to me about school and whatnot. I even got bold enough to ask her where she wanted to travel. Then my stop came and I stood up and she said, “I’ll see you around” and I did the same. She seemed interesting and it was good taking that chance. People really are polite if you just try and do something, even if it’s silly.