Day 34 (Do You Care Enough about Yourself to Not Care about what Others Think?)

Do you care about yourself enough to not care about what others think?
Or will you be the “nice” guy that doesn’t have any real enemies (yet no real friends either)?

“Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are many instances in my past when I wanted to talk to someone and be their friend. There are also many other instances where I wanted to make a difference in the world. Yet my anxiety and shyness held me back. Then something hit me. The world was not going to stop for a shy, timid person like me. Either I had to change or I was going to be left in the dust. I am not saying that introversion is wrong. I am a huge introvert and I love spending a lot of time to myself. What I am saying is that even introverts have to learn to take action and be assertive when the time calls for it.
So I challenged myself to have a goal to attempt to get rejected once a day for 30 days. However, as the days went by, I realized that it is a total adrenaline rush. There’s no other feeling then putting myself out there and being absolutely vulnerable. It can feel awkward, weird, and scary. But comfort does not equal happiness. Putting myself out there makes me happy. I would rather hear the word “no” than regret not taking action.
In my opinion, if you truly care about yourself, you have to learn how to become assertive even in non-ideal situations.

Today I walked in the hall when I saw this girl that I always seem to see on the bus. I went up to her quickly and asked her what her evening class was. (At this point it was the “wrong” thing to say. Now I seemed like a total creep. However, I did not let that affect me.) She looked a bit confused but answered, “Psychology class.” Then I told her that I have the same class and asked if we could study sometime. She said in a bit of confusion, “Just find me on the bus.” Then I said alright and then I walked on my way home. (I had things to do before class.)

I could have thought she thought I was creepy or awkward. She could possibly skip that bus because of my actions. It would be unfortunate. But in order to respect myself, I had to go up and chat with her. It was rough around the edges but I did it anyway.

I’ll find out later if it was a rejection or not. I’m not sure what will happen on that bus ride.

EDIT: I do not think she went on the bus. Rejected.

However, on the bus ride there, I saw the girl from Day 28 and chatted up with her until we made it to class. I did not realize I had two classes with her. It was nice building rapport with her.