Day 5

Today I went volunteering just for the fun of it. Rather than sleeping in, I decided to take my time to make some sort of difference in the world. So I went to into the building of the volunteering center. I was pretty nervous as I always am with going to a new place. However, I calmed down just by meditating for a minute while waiting in the lobby. Then I realized that there were many other volunteers that went to my old high school. (One of them wore a sweater with my high school but more on that later). All of us went through a quick tour of the building. Our task was to sort old medical supplies to deliver to third world countries so that that they could be used in other countries that are in dire needs of medical supplies. After an hour and a half of organizing, the whole volunteering group had a break. I simply noticed I was sitting next to them and so I asked them if they all went to my high school. They replied with yes. I asked them how they liked it and they went that they thought it was ok. Then they went quickly back to their cliques. It was an indirect rejection because I was indirectly inviting them to talk more. I didn’t expect the conversation to end that quickly but it’s better than asking myself “what if?”