Day 4

I went back home this weekend because I had to go to the dentist. What better to risk rejection and benefit from something so simple? After my cleaning, I asked the dentist if I could have two toothbrushes instead of just one because I split my time between my college apartment and my home. However, she just said that is no problem and heaved another toothbrush into my bag. Therefore, that was a surprisingly quick failed rejection.

Since I had to hang out with my cousins I suggested our favorite mexican place to eat at. Instead, my cousin drove straight to a burger place. That was a quick solution. I got a perfect indirect rejection.

I realize I’ll have to figure out more ways to get rejected when I am away from school campus, as it’s much more difficult to feel nervous when getting rejected by relatives. I have to find a place where it’ll give me more nerves. Also, I have to brainstorm more ways of getting rejected.